• Wider Vimeo Chrome Plugin

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    A nice feature on Youtube is the ability play the videos a little wider, specially with all the HD videos out there. I also don’t really like to view them fullscreen all the time.

    This feature I really missed on Vimeo. With more HD videos this...

  • ArrrrCamp #4, Speakers announced and ticket sales online

    On October the 29th ArrrrCamp organizes its fourth event.

    Ahoy mateys, the captain has news. Big news. News the size of the masts of LeChucks and Jack Sparrows ships combined!

    We are taking ArrrrCamp to the next level, as per your own requests. We scouted the bars at the docks, and found some fairly-sober people willing to join...

  • Zombie smash

    Hoewel ik Plants vs Zombies nog lang niet beu ben was ik wel benieuwd naar dit spel Zombie Smash.

    Zeker leuk om eens te proberen, al voel je het snel in je duimen als je enkele levels na elkaar speelt.

  • Thoughts on Rack

    At the most recent ArrrrCamp I gave a small introduction to Rack and Rack Middlewares in a Ruby on Rails application.

    It was really interesting because I had some people in the room who knew a lot more than me about Rack and some of them who had never played with it. So we had some nice small...

  • Mobile detect

    Working on the arrrrcamp website we wanted a lighter version for mobile devices. Specially when people would visit the website during the event to see the schedule or more information about a talk or a speaker.

    For the mobile design I use a very common and basic iPhone CSS and HTML framework iphone universal. At first we would...