• ArrrrCamp 3rd Edition

    Also known as “About Ruby, Rails, Radiant and Rum”-Camp, will take place in Ghent, on Friday, April 30th. In our third edition we will slightly change the course of the day. There will no longer be a barcamp part. So we’ve asked participants from the previous editions who wanted to give a longer talk. And with success, we have in...

  • irc and bitlebee

    Lots of stuff at Openminds goes via irc, it started with our company channel for internal communication. After a while I found the joy of irc by joining community channels like #rails, #spree, #git, where, most of the time, you can find an answer really quickly. But it was time to do more with it.

    Since I’m mostly using...

  • 287317756

    <p>Yes, keep on snowing in Ghent (Belgium) please!</p>

  • 275033765

    <p>Entrance of the Library of the University of Amsterdam</p>